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Trailer RentalTom’s Trailers in Menomonee Falls offers the largest Milwaukee trailer rental inventory in Southeast Wisconsin, providing you an affordable solution for all your hauling needs. We offer a variety of Milwaukee trailer rentals allowing you to complete your hauling tasks as efficiently and economically as possible. Our Milwaukee trailer rentals include hauling essentials like tie-downs, ratchet straps, and moving blankets, stabilizing and protecting your cargo from potential damage.

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From open and enclosed utility trailers for work hauls to ATV, motorcycle, and snowmobile trailers for travelling pleasure, Tom’s Trailers Milwaukee trailer rental service helps you achieve your hauling goals with a minimal rental investment. The Milwaukee trailer rental service at Tom’s Trailers provides you with the opportunity to test out a trailer before committing to a large purchase. Renting a trailer in Milwaukee allows you to discover a trailer style best suited to your hauling tasks. Whether you’re unsure if an open or enclosed utility trailer best suits your hauling needs, or you need a dolly for one-time automobile hauling, the Milwaukee trailer rental service of Tom’s Trailers allows you to explore your hauling options before making a purchasing decision.

Trailer Rental Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Shop our Milwaukee trailer rentals online! Tom’s Trailers features a wide variety of Milwaukee trailer and dolly rentals providing you a cost-effective means for accomplishing your hauling tasks. Once you find a trailerl suitable for your job, stop in at Tom’s Trailers in Menomonee Falls to take it for a test run before committing to a purchase.

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Open Trailer Rental Milwaukee
Open Utility Trailer
Measurements Daily Rate Weekly Rate
5' x 8' x 3' $35.00 $175.00
5' x 10' x 3' $40.00 $200.00
81" 20' Car Haul $60.00 $300.00

Enclosed Trailer Rental Milwaukee

Enclosed Utility Trailer

Measurements Daily Rate Weekly Rate
5' x 8' x 5' $35.00 $175.00
6' x 10' x '6' $40.00 $200.00
6' x 12' x 6' $50.00 $250.00
7' x 10' x 6' $55.00 $275.00
8.5' x 20' x 6.5' $80.00 $400.00

Tom’s Trailers Milwaukee trailer rentals provide the durable quality and adequate spacing you need to haul your materials for any distance. If you require a trailer for moving your belongings into a college dorm, hauling some ATV’s for a weekend getaway, or even hauling a car with a car haul trailer, Milwaukee trailer rentals from Tom’s Trailers is just the service required. Milwaukee trailer rentals provide the necessary size and transportation for your cargo, whether renting a Milwaukee trailer for just a day or an entire week. Our smaller options ensure you do not spend extra money on a Milwaukee trailer rental too large for your job. A 5’ x 8’ x 3’ Milwaukee trailer rental will give you just enough space for your gear. Tom’s Trailers provides large 81” by 18’ foot car hauls to carry some of your biggest loads. We also offer pontoon trailer rentals to haul your boat to the lake. For affordable Milwaukee trailer rentals, visit Tom’s Trailers to have a Wisconsin trailer expert assist you in choosing the perfect Milwaukee trailer rental for your hauling needs.

If the cargo you are hauling must be protected from the elements, a Milwaukee trailer rental from Tom’s Trailers in Menomonee Falls has you covered. Enclosed trailer rentals come in a variety of sizes, ensuring you get the exact enclosed Milwaukee rental trailer for the cargo you need hauling. Don’t fret over paying too much for an oversized trailer rental. Rent the 5’ x 8’ x 5’ enclosed Milwaukee trailer to carry smaller loads while keeping them covered and protected from the outdoor elements. Likewise, Tom’s Trailers has some of the largest Milwaukee trailer rentals available, like the 8.5’ x 20’ x 6.5’ to accommodate carrying and protecting your large cargo. Trailer experts at Tom’s Trailers will assist you in choosing the exact enclosed trailer for your Milwaukee trailer rental needs.

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